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Brass Ager lets you Age Brass in just 5 minutes or less. Give new brass or bronze hardware the patina of time with this easy ager solution. Simply submerge the item until the desired level of darkening has occurred. Easily reversible by polishing, if so desired. Please note, this solution only works on unlacquered metal surfaces. Items with a lacquered finish must be stripped before aging. The darkened finish may be left natural or given a protective coating of spray lacquer or furniture polish. The brass ager 8 oz. size is suitable for few small items. Recommend the brass ager 32 oz. for larger projects.

How to use your Brass Ager 

  1. Remove any lacquer from the brass with acetone and rinse off before applying Brass Ager
  2. Pour enough Brass Ager into a container that you can immerse brass item in. Let set until the desired look is attained.
  3. Remove from the brass ager, rinse with water and wipe dry. Immediately remove brass from the container when you have the age effect you desire.
  4. Do a second rinse with water and baking soda to neutralize the acidic effect on a porous metal
  5. Polish lightly with a soft cloth. Highlight with “0000” Steel Wool if desired.
  6. Wearing gloves is highly recommended as to not introduce oils from your hands to the metal. To be safe, eye protection is always recommended.

Features And Use

  • Age new door hinges
  • Give New Brass Hardware an Antique Look
  • Comes with Instructions for Use
  • Ready to Use, No Mixing Needed
  • BRASS AGER Z Solution is Reusable

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2 OZ, 8 0Z, 32 OZ, 128 OZ


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